Visual Soakaway Design 4 includes AutoCAD drawings for two types of trench soakaway and the basic ring soakaway arrangement.

These are saved in Release 12 format and are accessible in the Application by clicking on the pulldown menu in the drawings window as shown below.

To view these drawings you must have AutoCAD Release 12 or above installed on your PC.

You may download the AutoCAD files by clicking the icons below:

Trench Soakaway

 AutoCAD drawing of Trench soakaway with simple incoming pipe.

Trench Soakaway with Silt Trap

AutoCAD drawing of Trench soakaway with silt trap manhole added for longevity and easier maintenance.

Precast Concrete Ring Soakaway

Precast Concrete Ring soakaway with simple incoming pipe. PC ring comes in standard sizes with built in slots to allow filtration into the surrounding soil.

Soakaway Maintenance Schedule

Having a maintenance schedule for your soakaway is strongly recommended. This will allow you to keep track of the level of silt and solids entering the soakaway.

Sample Design Calculations from Visual Soakaway Design

Please click the above link if you would like to see a sample of the calculations that the full version of Visual Soakaway Design 4 can produce.